MAGGOT SHOES have been formed in summer 1993 by Alex (Bass/Vocals, ex-KRUSHER) and Kevin (Guitar/Vocals). In these days their style mainly based on grind/noisecore and first released a debut demo and the split-7" with Anal Massaker.

After some lineup changes the two guys met Christoph (Drums, ex-SILENCE OF THOUGHTS) and Marcel (Vocals), definitely the best choice for recording the first longplayer "Enjoy/Life" and also for the next upcoming releases.

The style slightly changed from noisecore to old school death/grind and has been maintained until now! After a couple of 7-inches, compilations and a bunch of concerts the second album "A shoe full of maggots" has been released on MUSICAZ Records in 2006.

The following year MAGGOT SHOES played a lot of shows, including a tour named "Screaming Sixpack Tour", but also used the summer to write many new songs. So they entered the studios again in march 2008 to record the new longplayer "[f]EAR tERRORism".
The record has been released in july 2008 by F.D.A.Rekotz.